Providing Thousands of Custom & Stock Production Gages for Precision Bores, Grooves, Min-Wall, Thickness, and Special Applications

Dyer Company is a technical leader in precision bore gages, ID/OD Groove gages, min-wall / thickness gages and special application gages. For over 40 years we have supplied our customers with the highest quality gages that speed measuring times and eliminate operator error. Dyer gages save time, have proven designs, are fast, accurate, repeatable and 24-7 shop rugged.

As a manufacturer and supplier of unique hand and table top gages, we guarantee a ≤10% gage R & R capability. We offer quick delivery, 1-5 days for standard, special and custom design gages.

Bore Gages
  • Non-Tipping Indicating Plug Gages
  • Adjustable Long Range Gages
  • Deep and Shallow Bore Gages
  • Special Custom Bore Gages

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Groove Gages
  • Electronic & Dial Groove Gages
  • Grooves as small as 0.100"
  • Long Reach, High Accuracy
    Models Available
  • Many Different Arm Configurations

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Thickness Gages
  • Electronic & Dial Thickness Gages
  • Custom Contacts Made to Order
  • Many Different Arm Configurations

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Special Application Gages
  • Gages to Measure Chamfers, Parallel
    Width, Depths, and height
  • Custom Gages Made to Specific
    Part Applications
  • Modified Standard Gages

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Indicating Units
  • Electronic Display Boxes
  • Digital LVDT Probes
  • SPC Capabilities
  • Digital and Dial Indicators

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Set Masters
  • Setting Rings & Discs (Steel,
    Chrome, Carbide)
  • Adjustable Setting Masters
  • Custom Setting Masters

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