Gage Accuracy & Repeatability Advantages

bore gage digital close up

Dyer’s experience and superior gage designs result in better bore gaging

Non-tipping, two point contact "hands off" bore gages

Dyer is a technical leader in bore gages. We have a large selection of proven gage designs to choose from when we are evaluating a bore measuring application. Many of our new designs make bore measuring a "Hands off" process.

In our design concepts we believe in the Abby Measuring Principle and in separating our measuring system from the self-centering base. We like to use proven standard components (helps keep costs down) with simple direct measurement transfer to the indicator or amplifier.

Advances in gage technology and electronics have brought significant improvements to the bore measuring process. Dyer’s non-tipping two point contact bore gages assure parts manufacturers that the accuracy and repeatability of a measurement does not depend on the skill of the operator. These "hands off" gages guarantee that every measurement taken is correct and Gage R & R capable.

Eliminating Operator Error

A look at the operation of a non-tipping gage will show the instrument’s advantages. The gaging process is quick and easy. The operator inserts the gage and takes a reading without having to do any rocking or aligning. Operator influence is a problem of the past.

Superior Design and Construction

Here are real reasons Dyer’s bore gages are the industry’s best performers.
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  • Linearity ≤ ± 0.000040" (± 0.001 mm) a simple direct transfer of the contact point movement to the measurement indicator. This results in the best linear accuracy.
  • Repeatability ≤ ± 0.000010" (≤ ± 0.00025 mm)
  • All-Electronic® - Dyer’s All-Electronic® Systems are 50% more accurate and repeatable than the above accuracies.
  • Automatic Centering - The correct self-centering base for each measuring range assures axial and radial alignment in each bore every time it measures.
  • Gage Stability Heat Stabilization - The handles (measuring transfer shafts) of all Dyer precision bore gages are made from Invar steel, a special alloyed steel that resists temperature change. This eliminates errors due to circulating temperatures.
  • Sealed Construction insures performance even under damp or oily conditions.
  • Gage R & R - Dyer guarantees a ≤10% Gage R & R capability on all our bore gages. We need to know your gaging application.