Gage R & R Standards

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Dyer guarantees a ≤10% Gage R & R with all our bore gages.

Using Gage R & R qualified Dyer bore gages assure that you will always be using the correct gage for the measuring application. Dyer will meet a ≤10% Gage R & R requirement even on 0.0002" (5µ) tolerance bores.

What is Gage R & R?

Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (Gage R & R) capability standards have direct implications for parts makers and for gage manufacturers. Repeatability is the ability of an operator using a single gage to obtain the same measurements during a series of tests. Reproducibility is the ability of different operators to obtain similar results with the same gage. Gage R & R blends these two factors together to determine a measuring system's reliability, and its suitability for a particular measuring application.

Dyer offers more bore gage designs and more measuring options Designed for precision bore measuring Dyer's rugged gages make gaging a "hands off" process. Advances in gage technology have brought significant improvements to the measuring process. Non-tipping two point contact bore gages assure our customers that the accuracy and repeatability of measurements doesn't depend on the skill of the operator. Dyer's "hands off" bore gages guarantee that every measurement taken with our non-tipping gage is verifiable repeatable and accurate.

The best gage for the job, more gage options and more gaging solutions

Using Dyer's Gage R & R rated bore gages assures you will always be using the right gage for your measuring application. For example, a gage design that meets the Gage R & R requirements for a 2.00" bore, may be unsatisfactory on 8.00" bores. A gage that meets a ≤10% Gage R & R for a bore tolerance of 0.001" may not be satisfactory at a tolerance of 0.0003". Gage R & R standards will help parts makers identify the best gage for the job.

Why Gage R & R Machine and Process Capability Studies

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When establishing a capability study, you first have to select critical dimensions to be examined. Then you collect as much data as possible. Only with Gage R & R rated gages can you be sure that you are collecting exact data, and establish the control limits for the process assuring it is really under control.


The basis for accurate SPC charting is directly related to the accuracy, reliability and repeatability of the gage making the measurement. Only with Gage R & R rated gages can you be sure that your measurement numbers are exact.

Dyer knows Gage R & R – We add value to your process We know the operating ability of our gages in most measuring situations. We guarantee that our gages are Gage R & R capable in each application. We will run a Gage R & R study on your parts at our facility before we ship the gage. Our Gage R & R capability assures you are using the right gage and making exact measurements.

The Bottom Line

We identify the best gaging solution for each customer application. Dyer gages provide short and long term improvements that help you produce better parts. Gage R & R rated gages benefit, six sigma manufacturing, zero defects, CPK and SPC. That goes right to your bottom line.