Measuring Solutions

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FREE, Fast Application Engineering

It’s easy to change to Dyer measuring sleeves Move up to Dyer “custom” measuring sleeves. You will improve your measuring accuracy and up-time service. Just place Dyer’s adaptor on your present handle and your gage will work with all Dyer 240, 440 and 441 measuring sleeves. Dyer adaptors work with any brand of bore gage handle. The chart, below, of adaptors are the most popular change-overs.

The example (Left) shown includes custom size Dyer 240 Series indicating plugs, custom Dyer remote electronic send switch for SPC collections, set rings in special plastic holding case, special electronic indicators, all in custom carrying case. All gages were tested and system certified to be working before shipment to customer.

Contact Dyer via, email, fax or phone with your measuring application.

We will immediately review your specific application and supply you with a detailed quote.
Fast Delivery: 24-48 hours or 1-2 weeks

Fast... Faster... Fastest... Delivery for Custom Measuring Sleeves

  1. Fast express “Red Line” delivery in 24-48 hours. Manufacturing in our Lancaster, PA facility, Dyer delivers most 240 and 440 Series gages in 24-48 hours. Ranges 0.118" (3 mm) thru 9.056" (230 mm) We can help when you have an emergency situation.
  2. “Standard” Delivery is 1-2 weeks.
  3. All Dyer measuring sleeves (240, 440 and 441 Series) will match up to our competitor’s handles. We supply you with handle adaptors. Now, our measuring heads will work with your current handles.